Our Brands Minibebe

Mini Bebe TV YouTube channel offers fun baby/toddler content, lullabies, and educational videos tailored to the age of preschool children. Along with classic children’s songs, it entertains children with new songs and provides them with opportunities to explore the world. It presents different versions of beloved Turkish lullabies like Dandini Dandini Dastana and Fış Fış Kayıkçı in animated form. Additionally, it preserves Anatolian culture with nursery rhymes. Structuring its videos around animals, planets, fruits and vegetables, numbers, colors, seasons, and toys, Mini Bebe TV not only introduces these concepts but also shares the sounds animals make and their natural habitats.

When discussing planets, it doesn’t forget astronauts, spacecraft, and stars. Through the details it provides, it contributes to the imagination of babies and children.

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